Year 8 Subject Evening

Dear Parent / Carer

We would like to invite you to attend your child's Subject Evening on Wednesday 29th June 2022.

The evening will run from 4pm until 6pm and will be a chance for you to meet your child’s individual subject staff and discuss their progress, attitude to learning and attainment in each subject.

The evening is designed to work by appointment using our online booking system (details below).

Using our online system you will be able to book a 5 minute appointment with each of your child's subject teachers on the evening.

Please visit our online booking system (details below) where you will be able to reserve a timeslot from any of the available appointment times.

This process can be done anytime from now until the end of the day on Tuesday 28th June 2022 6pm.

When you arrive at school on Wednesday 20th June 2022, please make your way to the main reception in order to sign in and you will be directed by staff to the West Hall where subject staff will be situated.

I hope the evening is informative and useful to you and should you have any feedback we are always willing to consider amendments following constructive feedback.

If you have any questions or need help with the process, please contact the school directly or email

Yours sincerely

Steve Forster

Progress and Guidance Leader Year 8 & Year 9

Step 1: Login

Please complete the form with YOUR details, including a valid email address, then the student's details.

A confirmation of your appointments will be sent to the email address you provide.

Details MUST match exactly to records on our school database.

Step 2: Select Parents' Evening

Click on Y8 Subject Evening

Unable to make it? Click I'm unable to attend.

Step 3: Select Booking Mode

Choose Manual. Then press next.

Step 4: Choose Teachers

A green tick indicates they’re selected.

To de-select, click on their name.

Step 5: Book Appointments

Click any of the green cells to make an appointment.

Once you’re finished booking all appointments, at the top of the page in the alert box, press click here to finish the booking process.