Years 5 & 6

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Welcome to those joining us in September 2022

From Our Headteacher and Head of Year 7

Congratulations on your brilliant choice of secondary school!

We know that the change from primary school to high school can feel like a really big step; this is why we invest a lot of time in planning a very carefully considered transition programme for year six pupils so your child can settle in with us before they start.

The transition week and is always a huge success; pupils and parents/carers tell us how much of a difference it makes to them.

We have anticipated the natural worries and trepidations you may have when your child starts High School for the first time; this is why our transition programme focuses on building friendships, experiencing new things in our local area, navigating our school building and routines, meeting school staff and developing the skills that will equip your child for a successful life at Norham High School.

The aim of our programme is to ensure your child is fully supported to make a seamless transfer from primary to secondary school, getting to know them personally, both in terms of their interests and individual needs. Our transition programme will also be a rigorous and ambitious learning experience, where your child will be challenged and supported to think hard! all values that are at the heart of the Norham High School experience.

Parents/carers will also be invited to our celebration assembly on the Friday of transition week to recognise their child’s achievements and successes during the week. There will also be opportunities to meet your child’s form tutor and to ensure all of your questions are answered; we very much look forward to meeting you too!

Terry Conway Headteacher

Mel Ralph Progress and Guidance Leader for Y7 & Transition

Take a look at our Transition Week Booklet updated for July 2022

Norham High School Transition Brochure July2022.pdf

Transition Week (subject to change) UPDATED June 2022


Culture and Identity - here, now... everywhere!

Across this day pupils will learn about a diverse range of cultures and how this has come to be in modern day Britain. Pupils will have an exciting range of opportunities to reflect on how they identify themselves as citizens of the future. They will have the opportunity to explore the school site, developing literacy and social skills throughout the day by participating in a number of team building activities and meeting school staff during the activities. To commence the day, pupils should arrive at Norham High School where they will be warmly welcomed by our fantastic staff. We kindly ask that your child arrives at the tennis courts next to the pupils entrance on Biddlestone Crescent at 8:25am. From this point onwards, your child will become a valued member of our school community where they will experience success, develop their ambition and demonstrate pride, determination and strength in all that they do.


Engineering & Mathematics - creating a winning formula

Pupils will be learning about engineering and scientific principles to design and build machines, structures, and computer programmes. Pupils will have the opportunity to use innovative computer / ICT software to run a simulated car race using accurate race tracks from around the world, calculating time and scale factors to find out how long the track actually is. This will continue in the afternoon where pupils will experience a ride in our school’s own racing car developed in our STEM Science and Engineering after school club


Science & Technology for the modern world - Oceanography and the Marine Environment

Pupils will have a fantastic time at the beautiful St Mary's Lighthouse in Whitley Bay, followed by lesson-based STEM activities on the school site. Pupils will have the opportunity to explore Science and Technological progress in our modern world with highly experienced Science based school staff - this includes an anatomical study and dissection of the squid led by a qualified Marine Biologist / Commercial Shark Diver (our very own Head Teacher). Your child should bring a packed lunch for a picnic on the beach. Please note PE kit will be required.


Self-expression through the medium of Creative Arts, Media & Gastronomy

Pupils will spend the day in school exploring self-expression through the medium of media and creative arts. This will give the pupils an opportunity to create their own recorded performance through 'physical drama' and music. Pupils will also experience a food technology session focussing on creating a menu that represents the gastronomical experiences of characters from the book 'Boy Overboard' who flee Afghanistan in search of a better life.


Sports, team building & celebrations

Following an incredible week of adventure, culture and exploration, pupils will experience a series of PE sessions including Fencing, a workout in our new 'state of the art' Gym, Dance and a taster session in our newly developing Rugby Academy. This will be followed by an inflatables and ice-cream extravaganza. Pupils will feel a sense of achievement and success through a rewards assembly where parents are invited in the afternoon to attend and meet school staff. Please note PE kit will be required but please ensure your child also brings their school shoes in their bag (don't worry if this is not possible / don't have any).

Please note, all of the above is subject to change. Norham High reserves the right to change activities (at short notice if required) based on availability and H&S guidance.