New Uniform UPDATE 28_05.pdf

Our Uniform

At Norham High School we take great pride in everything that we do; as you would expect from our motto:


We take pride in our work and how we present ourselves; we show determination, grit and resilience in all elements of our work – whether that be our strategic whole school work or the work pupils complete in their Science lessons and of course, we show strength. Strength in character, strength in our ambition and strength as a community.

Given the rapid yet sustained transformation of our school as identified through recent Ofsted Visits (2019 & 2020), we felt it was time to share our values with the world – show what we are all about at Norham High School and we feel that our new uniform helps to convey this message to all.

We have designed our uniform to show exactly how we represent ourselves now and in the future; it’s smart, modern, business like. However, it represents great value as all items are unbranded; this also gives the options for pupils to personalise their uniform as that’s how we see our pupils, as individuals.

But, if it’s unbranded, how will people know who our amazing pupils are?

Well, we think the uniform speaks for itself. The combination of school colours match that of our branding which is strong and unlike that of many other schools. Furthermore, all pupils will wear a lapel badge on their blazer; this is our lion – an animal that really does have all those characteristics we value – PRIDE ~ DETERMINATION ~ STREGTH.

Pupils and staff will wear our emblem, the lion, with pride.

Lapel Badge / Brooch

This is currently being designed for our school to represent everything that we stand for. Having a strong brooch style clip we expect it to stand the test of time, however, new ones will be available from school reception for just £1.00.

When can I buy new uniform?

We have sample blazers in school already for you to match grey trousers to – we ask that this match is as close as possible and you spend time trying to get a match that is of great value; but please don’t forget, the exact colour can be ordered from Emblematic.

To support parents / carers, we will have a transition phase – this will allow parents / carers to start buying / replacing the current black trousers with grey trousers “now”! So if you need to buy new trousers that you think will still fit following September ‘21, feel free to do so. That said, our payment plan and support will also help you if required.