Our Uniform Expectations

Blazer: Graphite Grey Emblematic Blazer

Shirt: Plain white shirt or blouse with navy skinny school tie

Jumper (optional): Navy V-Neck Jumper or Tank Top, Emblematic or equivalent

Skirt: Emblematic kilt

Trousers: Matching graphite grey trousers (no leggings, shorts, jeans or tracksuit bottoms)

Shoes: Black, brown or tan shoes or boots (no trainers)

Jewellery: Only one ring, one watch. Two small pair studs are permitted in each ear - ear studs can be anywhere in the ear but only two in each ear. Tongue bars are permitted - however these need to be discreet.

Lapel badge: Gifted from the school - replacements are available for £1.

Makeup: Minimal and natural

Fake tan: Natural

Nails: No polish. No extensions or acrylics

Nose piercings: Clear plastic stud only (No other facial or septum piercings are allowed)

Hair: Natural hair colours only.

PE kit:

Plain navy blue tracksuit bottoms, skirt, shorts or sports leggings, Norham High School T-shirt available from Emblematic, optional mid layer, sports trainers or football boots where appropriate.

When can I buy new uniform?

We have sample blazers in school already for you to match grey trousers to – we ask that this match is as close as possible and you spend time trying to get a match that is of great value; but please don’t forget, the exact colour can be ordered from Emblematic.

Pre loved uniforms

Please contact your child's head of year for support and information on accessing a range of good quality, pre loved uniform items we have in stock.