We are Norham High School

A Warm Welcome From Me…

I am thrilled to take the opportunity to introduce myself as the Headteacher of Norham High School.

Having led a number of schools to improve I was delighted to be appointed here and take up post with an almost entirely new team, rapidly improving the school.

The staff here care, and have the best interests of children at heart, as such, it is my role to harness their enthusiasm and develop practice so that Norham is quickly recognised as a good school.

Already we have implemented a number of changes positively impacting on the school and staff and pupils are now becoming proud of what we are already and can achieve.

Pupils know I care and they appreciate the rapid improvement. I keep things simple and ensure the highest standards are met at all times.

At Norham, every pupil is an individual, with an identity who will be supported to be the very best they can be. I maintain the highest standards of behaviour, participation and work ethic and I sincerely look forward to meeting you.

Terry Conway


At Norham High School we foster and expect to see all display our 3 core characteristics & values:

Pride ~ Determination ~ Strength

We foster and create these values through our curriculum and the range of teams we have at Norham High School, and as such our vision is that:

We are committed and determined to provide all pupils with the skills and knowledge that will enable and encourage learning to be an integral part of a lifelong process. As a team, we will ensure our pupils grow into ambitious young adults who are excited about the world around them. As a true comprehensive school serving the community of North Shields and beyond, we are committed to raising standards for all our pupils, promoting the highest possible achievements both academically and personally, regardless of background or ability.

As a team, we work together - pupils, staff, parents, carers and the wider community to provide a safe and happy learning environment, in doing so we educate all with the utmost care so that as one large family, we enable all pupils to realise their full potential, both academically and socially.


You demonstrate PRIDE in every way possible, whether it be your personal presentation, the quality of work you complete or the way

all of us conduct ourselves.

To us, you demonstrate the characteristics of a lion, a proud animal that works collaboratively in a “pride” (group). To be proud is to do

the very best you can do, recognise how good it is, and feel a sense of achievement. However, even though pride is a wonderful

attribute to have, you should always be proud of what you have done but then, reflect on this and be determined to do it even better

next time.


You show determination to never give up on things, you arrive on time, you come in, you keep going and you do it so well. You try your

hardest, you will do your best, you will not give up - that’s determination, and that’s what we respect!

To truly show how determined you are, you make it clear to all that only the best will do for you any and every member of our

community. We should never forget the year of 2020 in particular (COVID). It was during this year that the entire world

demonstrated how critical an attribute determination is - as part of this, our resilience and effort to succeed in every area of human

life became critical to our personal future, the future of nations... indeed, the future of the planet.


You demonstrate STRENGTH, this is strength in character, your resolve and ability to be the best version of yourself achieving

personal success while looking out for friends and being there for others. In showing determination in all you do, you show the world

how strong you really are.

You have shown the staff and I just how strong you can be. You have shown strength as individuals and as a group.

Through this strength, you have helped to change this school.

You are strong for friends and your family, standing up for what you believe in, standing up for those you care about and learning to

use your voice in lessons and around school to help us make Norham High School even better for the whole community.